Where Can You Fill Your Paintball Tank

Paintball guns run with compressed gas-air or CARBON DIOXIDE– from tanks filled up to 3,000-4,500 pounds per square inch (psi). Re-filling these storage tanks calls for durable compressors as well as devices. Although pressed air may provide far better performance than CO2, few shops have the capability to correctly re-fill air storage tanks with it.

This positions a common issue for paintball gamers. Where can you obtain your high-pressure air (HPA) containers filled? You can look to a variety of shops for an inexpensive fill-up, or you can do it on your own, provided you are prepared to spend some cash. Paintball Globe can help if you’re new to paintball.

By regulation, filled up gas containers for paintball weapons can not be shipped (with the exception of one-time use and also 12-gram CO2 cartridges). When buying your devices online, do not anticipate a storage tank ahead prepared for the paintball area. If you’re thinking about pressed air, check out local tank-filling choices before buying.

Paintball Shops and Competition Area
The top place to seek container filling goes to your regional paintball shop and competitors field. Many stores and areas have the tools to safely load pressed air tanks, as well as some will certainly load them completely free. Nonetheless, you’re most likely to pay one to 3 bucks for every single 1,000 psi.

If there is not a paintball area or store in your location, inspect about with regional paintball lovers. Some owners of totally unrelated companies have invested in HPA storage tank compressors to suit their own demands. They will certainly commonly fill containers on the side to bring in a little added money (as well as to aid pay off the tools). If any stores such as this are located in your area, your fellow paintballers might learn about them. On the internet paintball discussion forums and also clubs may also be able to guide you in the right instructions.

Diving Shops
Due to the fact that compressed air storage tanks for paintball run at a similar pressure as scuba diving storage tanks, several scuba diving shops also fill paintball tanks. Once again, it needs to set you back simply a few dollars to load a container, and this is among one of the most convenient choices readily available.

Load Your Containers in the house
If you possess a diving tank, you’re halfway to filing your paintball tanks in your home. A scuba container filled at your local scuba store can quickly fill up compressed air containers from paintball weapons if you additionally purchase a scuba fill terminal.

A 3,000 psi diving container will certainly load a pressed air tank for an air ball gun concerning 15 to 20 times. However, the storage tank will certainly cost a couple of hundred bucks, and also you will require to pay to get it filled. Consider this when considering your options. If you live a bothersome distance from shops that fill paintball containers, buying and also filling up a scuba diving storage tank may be a great option.

Are you thinking about purchasing the air compressor itself? Unless you’re running a paintball competition field or opening a store, reconsider. An HPA compressor can easily set you back over $2,000 for a standard setup. Naturally, you can load other people’s paintball tanks in addition to diving containers, however, for a lot of paintball players, this alternative runs outreach.

Don’t even try to utilize your tire pump or a basic air compressor– it won’t work. The majority of these compressors max out at 180 psi, as well as your paintball containers call for a minimum of 3,000 psi to load.

Tips for Filling Up HPA Tanks
No matter where you get your storage tank filled, there are a couple of things you should remember:

HPA tanks have a “hydro date” suggesting the last time they were checked. All storage tanks must be reinspected every 5 years.
Never ever put oil or oil on a container’s fill nipple. When loading the tank, warm will build up and cozy these flammable oils, producing the capacity for fire.
Keep your storage tanks out of direct sunshine as well as attempt to prevent leaving them in a hot automobile. This chooses all paintball storage tanks: stress can develop as well as blow a burst disc in a CARBON DIOXIDE storage tank. While HPA tanks aren’t likely to over-pressurize, too much warm can damage the regulator seals.
Secure your tanks with a storage tank cover or something similar, such as a material bag.
When loading tanks, it is best to do a “sluggish fill.” If a tank is filled too quickly, you will certainly lose psi as the air cools down. This implies that your 3,000 psi container might just end up with 2,500 psi in the long run. Many paintballs, as well as scuba shop drivers, know this, yet it is necessary to remember if you’re loading your own tank.

Where Can You Fill Your Paintball Tank
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